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Story Status Web Report in TeamCity

Oct 13, 2009 at 11:49 AM

I really do like both TeamCity and StoryQ, and I have set up TC to include the SQ html reports as artifacts for nicely formatted status reports.

The Tests tab of TeamCity also gives me the state of the stories (albeit with some additional noise in the form of additional "ignored" tests).

What I would really like, is a web page with only the name and status of each story (hyperlinked to the detailed html report) for the latest build in order to provide the simplest possible report for all stakeholders.

Any ideas anybody?

Oct 15, 2009 at 10:37 AM

I made an addition to the latest trunk version in order meet my needs, i.e. produce an html report with the status of each story for a high level view of the system state.

In short

- Each story assertion adds a StorySummaryItem to the report which is written in simple XML

- An XSLT file is added to the project which is copied to the output dir on build

- I've buit a simple MSBuild task that takes an XML, and an XSLT file as input, and outputs the result to a third file

- I run the XSLT task as a part of our continious integration process

The report looks like this for the StoryQ test suite (please note that the css is missing in this example, for example, it uses the same colors as the original story html reports of StoryQ):


StoryQ Story Set Summary

Failed     Updating Timesheets


The hyperlinks links to the detailed html reports that StoryQ outputs when the story is asserted with the reporting option.

I'd be happy to supply my contribution in order for all StoryQ users to benefit from the high level story set summary report.