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StoryQ's Plain Text to Code Converter

To simplify the task of converting plain text stories into C# StoryQ code, StoryQ comes with a tool: StoryQ.Converter.Wpf.exe. When you run this and paste in a valid story, the tool will generate code for you:

Paste or type your code into the left hand textbox, and the right hand textbox will update automatically

StoryQ will even offer a crude form of intellisense as you type, pay attention to the area under the input text box:
ConverterUI suggestion.png

Click on one of the suggestions to "complete" your code:
ConverterUI suggestion taken.png


As of Release 2.0.4 (StoryQ 2.0.4 Library and Converter UI), StoryQ's Converter UI has improved parameter generation
  • You can make any word into a parameter by prefixing it with $
  • You can make multiple words (ie, a string with spaces or a datetime) into a parameter by wrapping it with curly braces or single quotes
  • You can name a parameter
  • The converter will infer whether a parameter should be a bool, double, DateTime, int or string

ConverterUI parameters.png

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althea_dbcd Nov 22, 2011 at 3:01 AM 
I tried using the same format on naming of parameters using StoryQ 2.0.5 but it did not work the way it is shown on this discussion. Did I miss any step?