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support Test per Scenario in StoryQ GUI Converter


Just a personal preference here, but my preferred test style the test method-per-scenario approach, with a single story per test fixture/class (exactly as demonstrated in the StoryQ.Converter.Wpf.Specifications project in the source code, right down to the use of the SpecificationBase base class).
Each test fixture/class is named after the story, and each test method is named after the scenario.

It would be a great time saver if this style could be added to the supported code generation strategies in the GUI converter.


chicagogrooves wrote Jul 11, 2011 at 7:53 PM

+1 - It would be beneficial, if a distinct TestMethod/Test could simply add a new scenario, have a failure during its Execute() call show up as a fail for itself only, and yet still have its output nested under the story.