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Report Generation is broken with NUnit 3.0.1

Report Generation is broken with NUnit 3.0.1

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Useful but not active - move to Github?

Thanks for the good framework Rob and Tod! In my view StoryQ is the most hassle free bdd framework around, but does not seem to be actively enhanced or supported anymore. Can I suggest that it ...

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Cannot translate to Russian

Hello! I have created a Russian grammar file (attached). However the generate.ps1 script shows the following error when processing this file: ru-RU.txt Generating obj\ code f...

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Early 'Not-Implemented' Exceptions Should Abort Test with 'Pending' Result

There is a discussion on this issue here: The current implementation is problematic because earlier 'Given' and 'When' functions set things up for as...

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Gherkin Syntax

I am wondering about Gherkin formality in the parsing application, StoryQ.Converter.Wpf.exe Rather than "Story is", The common Gherkin expression I see is "Feature:" Likewise, "With Scenari...

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Data Driven stories / scenarios

Storyq needs a way to run the same story over different parameter datasets. Ideally, we'd aggregate the results (like in Caley's fork) and allow developers complete freedom regarding what the datas...

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support Test per Scenario in StoryQ GUI Converter

Just a personal preference here, but my preferred test style the test method-per-scenario approach, with a single story per test fixture/class (exactly as demonstrated in the StoryQ.Converter.Wpf.S...

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Support generics for scenario step methods

Robfe, I know you have issues with getting the textual outputs to look right with generic steps, but supporting generic methods would go a long way toward helping me get more out of StoryQ. The ke...

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Support the Silverlight Unit Test framework

Create a build of storyq that runs in's framework. Potential problems include picking up Console.Writeline text, and saving the report.xml file to disk

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Support xUnit

Make StoryQ compatible with xUnit. Per comments on Rob Fe's blog ( StoryQ does not yet work with xUnit.

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